Saturday, April 18, 2009

Huang Na's mother now lives in 4 storey MANSION

Remember Huang Shu Ying, the mother of Huang Na who was murdered 4 years ago? Singaporeans donated more than S$120,000 to her family out of sympathy. Well, it appears that her mother has put the money to good use:

A picture speaks a thousand words. How many of us can ever afford a 4 storey mansion the size of 4 basketball courts in our lifetimes?

Her husband's car with 3 in-built television:

The garden in her house with artificial mountains and waterfalls:


  1. Singaporeans are forever StuPIG. People will play on their stupidities for a long time to come. Singapore gvernment knew singaporeans are stupid, so continue to play on them. Dunno when they will wake up.

  2. Dont say all singaporean lah, only 66.6% niah

  3. The NUS scholar who said the medical bill for treatment would amount to 400k, has returned to China for further treatment.

    I wonder if the cost will still be 400k SGD.